Earth Day Eve 2008      Monday April 21st

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The Town of Atherton invited contractors, architects, residents and interested folks to come see the energy and water savings built into this house.

Stuff to see & touch

  • 'x-ray' views of some of the walls, showing radiant barrier and other insulation features.Other 'x-ray'views show infrastructure such as shower drain water heat recovery, "free" wine cellar cooling, sensors to measure effectiveness, etc.
  • See and touch full scale wall, floor & roof sections showing inside and outside radiant barriers, spray-in insulation, and interior cross-slatting to minimize heat bridging in the building structure.
  • Water system featuring a water cistern that collects winter rain for summer irrigation, and a greywater system (pending permit).
  • guided tours of the energy and water efficient features of this hou

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