Conductive Heat Loss/Gain

  • Downstairs walls upgraded to 6 inch thickness to allow more insulation
  • Fiberglass batts used in thick vertical walls, floors, dead spaces and attic
  • Sprayed-in Icynene used for tight areas, remaining 4" walls and cathedral ceiling in family room
  • Fireplace chimney butt insulated
  • Windows and Doors upgraded to be thicker, use thicker panes.

 Radiant Heat Loss/Gain

  • Dominant form of heat gain through roof (summer), dominant form of heat loss down through floors (heating), significant in sun-facing walls (summer).
  • CBF Ultra Foil bubble radiant barrier installed under radiant floors and walls, under heated slabs. Foil barrier in attic.

Convective Heat Loss/Gain

  • Outside air heat exchangers introduce fresh air, without significant heat loss

Typical Wall, Ceiling and Floor Sections, showing insulation used